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De probleem stelling

Children nowadays are growing up with technology, they use it as entertainment, for school, with friends and for many other things. It has really become part of their development in a big part of the world. For the children who do not yet have access to technology, this will happen in the future where they will face a similar scenario. But what do we teach children about the usage of technology? Unlike history or math, it isn’t something we learn at school. This means it is something that is learned by trial and error, but it can be tricky since we are talking about personal information. By making this issue tangible in a game we can educate children about a safe usage of technology.

De oplossing

Silhouette is a game designed for children, with the goal to educate them about the privacy part of technology. It uses information it can find about the player online and turns is into questions that are used in the game. By showing the players the things it knows about them, it creates awareness about online activities and profiles. Because the game is targeted at children they will be able to apply the knowledge in the rest of their lives. To give all children access to this knowledge it could become part of educational systems.

Product schets

At the beginning of the game it scans the faces of the players and with the help of facial recognition it comes up with a digital profile. Information like, did someone visit youtube that day, will be the pieces of information that will be used in the game. At the top of the board is a screen, this screen will show different questions during the game. It will start with easier questions and these will slowly become more difficult and specific for 1 player. For each question it will choose a different player to answer it. And the players individually have to figure out who the game is looking for. When you think you have the answer, press the button in the middle and let the board know!


Promotie video

In deze promotie video wordt de probleemstelling toegelicht en wordt het product uitgelegd.